San Diego Named 2nd Best City For Valentine's Day

San Diego is already America's Finest City and for those looking to celebrate Valentine's Day, the news just got a little brighter. The personal finance website WalletHub just named San Diego the #2 city in the nation to spend Valentine's Day. The study compared 100 of the largest U.S. cities...
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San Diego #1 In The Nation for Volunteering

As Christmas approaches, San Diego can be proud of the fact that it places very high on the list of U.S. cities that are most caring, and in fact ranks #1 in cities where the people volunteer the most hours. The ranking comes from a recent WalletHub study. The city's penchant for charitable giving...
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Best Places To Celebrate Halloween? San Diego Makes The Cut!

There's a lot to love about Halloween...but there's also a lot to buy! Candies, costumes, haunted houses and parties, maybe a trip to the movies. It can all add up. The typical American household will spend about $86.13 on Halloween this year - including candy, decorations and costumes. Depending...
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