Amazing Dog Beach Juggles with Friends

Let's paint the picture. You're at the beach, late July, hot day and a friend brings out the soccer ball or hackey sack for a juggling circle. Next thing you know the dog is out juggling everyone. Check out this talented puppers and enjoy your Summer! El perro --⚽️ —...
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Summer Arrives Friday, June 21st!

Ready for Summer? Even though we usually feel the summer season has begun with the passing of Memorial Day weekend, the "scientific" start of summer happens on June 21st. Conveniently, a Friday this year. If the recent San Diego weather is an indication, we might not feel the full effects of the...
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Thomas Rhett, Matthew Ramsey, Karen Fairchild, Sam Hunt, Kenny Chesney.

Top 5 Country Anthems To Kick Off Summer

Today is the official start of summer! Started off right with our top 5 country songs to jam out to this summer!
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