FM Radio On Your Smartphone

You may not have known it, but if you have a newer, Android-based smartphone, you have an FM radio inside your phone. The only problem is - most likely, it hasn't been working. Until now. Last week, Samsung became the first manufacturer to activate their FM chip across all U.S. cell carriers. The...
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Mother's Day with my Aunt Kathy

Went to spend Mother's Day with my Aunt Kathy who is like my second mom... and she wanted me to show her how to use her Jitterbug Smart phone! She was worried it would be too hard! Well, she not only learned how to use it for phone calls, add all the phone numbers of the important people in her...
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Peace of Mind

My father-in-law, Don, sent me his first photo ever from a smartphone! I can't believe it! He's feeling so hip now and getting photos back from me of his grandbabies and loving life in 2016 haha. Living 2,000 miles away from him and my mother-in-law is tough and we try to stay in touch all the time...
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