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Chargers Coming Back To San Diego? What's Your Opinion?

By now you've heard the rumors. There are those that say the NFL would like the Chargers to return to San Diego because the league never wanted to lose San Diego as a market. The attendance figures have not been good for the team in LA, and the word is the league doesn't want the image of empty...
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Chargers Coming Back To San Diego?

They should have stayed and I hope they come back.
62% (377 votes)
I hope the Chargers stay in LA. I don't want them back.
38% (231 votes)
Total votes: 608
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Our Funeral For The San Diego Chargers

Today we had a funeral to say goodbye to our beloved San Diego Chargers. Hear John and Tammy's eulogy and let us know why you will miss the Chargers.
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A Funeral Prayer for the San Diego Chargers

Today we are having a funeral to say goodbye to our San Diego Chargers and we are starting off with a prayer from Father Pat.
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The Chargers Are Leaving: Are You Done With Them?

With the Chargers announcing that they are leaving we are ready to move on, what team should we move on to?
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Chargers Drive 38

San Diego Blood Bank and San Diego Chargers Team Up to Save Lives at Chargers Drive 38 Presented by San Diego County Credit Union The San Diego Blood Bank will host one of San Diego’s longest-running events, Chargers Drive 38, presented by San Diego County Credit Union on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 8 a...
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Interview: Dean Spanos and Fred Maas

Are the Chargers going to stay and how much will it cost us?
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Chargers Pre-Game Prayer

Father Mike has is ready to kick-off the football season with his first pre-game prayer for the Chargers.
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Interview: San Diego Chargers Melvin Ingram

Our first San Diego Charger to join us in studio!
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