Route 91

Route 91 - One Year Later, Country Stronger

One Year Later, Country Stronger
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Last Support Group For Those Affected By Route 91 Tragedy Tonight!

Tonight, Sept. 24th, 2018 from 6:30p-8:30p is the final Route 91 group therapy meeting at InCahoots and anyone who wants to go can! As the one year anniverssary of the horrible tragedy of Route 91 approaches, more people may be having difficulties dealing with the aftermath of the event that took...
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Route 91 Survivors Reunion at Jason Aldean

At Thursday night's Jason Aldean show, John and Tammy attended a reunion of survivors from the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas. Here are a few stories from last year, as we remember the Human Peace Sign that was created here in San Diego following the tragic event.
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