Marry Me

Thomas Rhett Notches 10th Career No. 1 with "Marry Me"

Thomas Rhett has earned his 10th career No. 1 with "Marry Me."
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"Marry Me"

Wow! Rhett hit us with one of his saddest, darkest songs.. "Marry Me" talks about a man who didn't tell the woman he's known since they were young how he felt. He watches her marry someone else, and the narrator drinks to ease the pain of heartbreak. Thomas Rhett says the song isn't about him and...
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WATCH: Thomas Rhett Tugs At Heartstrings In Video For "Marry Me"

Thomas Rhett ’s latest single “Marry Me” is a nostalgic walk down memory lane and the video for the song should strike a chord in anyone that has experienced unrequited love. The nearly four-minute clip is shot from the perspective of a young man looking back on his life and the girl next door that...
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