Mad At Dad

Mad at Dad Contestant #3 - Dana and Dad Bob!

Dana tells us her story of when her dad, Bob, embarrassed her when she was a junior in high school. She told her dad that she thought a boy was cute and he yelled and said "Hey, she thinks you're hot!" She was MORTIFIED! Will he apologize??? Listen below to see if he does, if so, she'll qualify to...
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Mad at Dad Contestant #1 - Hannah and Dad Kevin

Hannah is still a little mad at her dad Kevin after he pulled this prank on her and we don't blame her! Are you Mad at Dad??? How did he embarrass you??? Tell us all about it and you could be headed to Las Vegas to see Florida Georgia Line!!! Click here to enter! Listen to Hannah's story below:
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Want To Send Your Dad To See Florida Georgia Line?

Would you like to give the best Father's Day present to your pops? A trip to Las Vegas to see Florida Georgia Line ! Tell us why you're " Mad At Dad "! What did your dad do to embarrass you that you got so mad? Submit your stories HERE for a chance to win and listen below to hear John and Tammy...
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