California Teen Tries To Smuggle Bengal Tiger Cub Into U.S.

A California teen was arrested early Wednesday when he tried to smuggle a bengal tiger cub across the border. Agents found the cub on the passenger side floor of the teen's 2017 Chevy Camaro. 18 year old Luis Eudoro Valencia of Perris told a judge that he purchased the cub on the streets of Tijuana...
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Gorilla Does Epic 'Splashdance' Routine

This past week, the Dallas Zoo shared a video that is so much fun to watch. Has this gorilla seen "Flashdance"? Because he sure seems to have the "Maniac" moves down. As the Dallas Zoo explained it, "Zola the gorilla demonstrates play behaviors as he splashes and dances during a swimming pool...
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Seven Country Love Songs for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. Whether or not you’re celebrating the holiday, there are so many country love songs out there. We are here to remind you of seven of our favorites. Warning, you might cry. Each song brings a different emotion to mind and can be a nice little reminder of why you love the...
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