KSON Going Gold

KSON is 'Going Gold' for the month of September - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

KSON Going Gold for Cody Smith

Sixteen year old Cody Smith was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2012, he passed away in December of 2014. Learn more about this brave man.
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KSON Going Gold for Benjamin Williams

He is 5 and was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after turning 3.
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KSON Going Gold for Alexis

Warrior Princess Alexis was a girl scout, a cheerleader and unfortunately passed away on August 7th after her struggle with Childhood Cancer.
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KSON Going Gold for Gideon Robinson

Today we are Going Gold for the amazing Gideon!
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KSON Going Gold for Ryan Wilcox

"Strength doesn't really come from your muscles. It comes from your spirit, and your heart, and love." ~Ryan Wilcox
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Kylie Rowand

KSON Going Gold For Kylie Rowand

KSON is Going Gold in the month of September for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Today we learn about Kylie Rowand's story.
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