John And Tammy in the Morning


Love Him or List Him - The Over Spender

Nikki in Point Loma is thinking about moving in with her boyfriend but one thing is stopping her. He has a tendency to judge what she spends her money on but has no problem dropping hundreds of dollars for a new gaming system for himself. Should she love him or list him?
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Lady A's Dave Haywood on What He's Been Up To During Quarantine

​Lady A's Dave Haywood sure has been keeping busy during lockdown between music for the the band and making fun videos with his family. He talked to us about everything he's been up to this morning as well as what family member he is okay with not seeing this year at Thanksgiving!
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toy donations

You Can Donate to Toys 4 Tots in Del Mar This Weekend!

For the 7th year in a row, loyal listener Mike is taking it upon himself to collect toys for those in need for the holidays. And this year they need it more than ever! Even though it may look a little different this year, they will be collecting new and unwrapped toys for Toys 4 Tots this Sunday at...
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christmas lights

That's All I Need to Know About You - November 19, 2020

This might be the most controversial "That's All I Need to Know About You" EVER! Is it too early for Christmas decorations? One listener sure does think so...
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Is Tammy Using Her Friend For His Brisket?

Just like most of us, Tammy's Thanksgiving looks REALLY different this year. Most years she would have her friend Dave over and he would bring his home-made brisket. Obviously they won't be making it this year, but what will Tammy miss more - her friend or his brisket?
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tayshia adams

Two Dudes Talking About the Bachelorette - John and Mark Love Tayshia

What are we learning this season of The Bachelorette? John and Mark REALLY love Tayshia! Also, if we never hear this phrase again we'll be good with it....
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angry family

Who Are You Glad to Not Be Seeing This Thanksgiving?

COVID has changed a lot of Thanksgivings this year and not all are bad changes. Who are you glad you don't have to see this year?
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bad driving

That's All I Need to Know About You - November 18, 2020

If you don't use your blinker when changing lanes... that's all I need to know about you!
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dolly parton

Dolly Parton is Saving Lives!

There's been some really positive news about COVID-19 vaccines the last couple weeks. But did you know Dolly Parton is partially responsible for it?
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art class

John's Daughter and the Nude Model

John was not ready for a call from his daughter Julia yesterday to inform him that she had to draw her first nude man in class. He's even more disturbed by how she described the man...
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