Jameson Rodgers

What's more exciting for Jameson Rodgers: 'Some Girls' success or that time he got Garth Brooks' number?

You would think being a part of some of the biggest names in Country music’s careers would make Rodgers immune to the feeling of being starstruck around other artists, but there was one time he was taken aback by a celebrity’s generosity.
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7 Country Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

With Lower Broadway dark in Music City and Music Mile seeing a lot less traffic during these days of quarantine, does that mean Country artists have called it quits? Just the opposite. Here are 7 up-and-comers we think you need to hear right now.
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Jameson Rodgers SDCCU Soundspace Performance

Jameson Rodgers joined us for a KSON SDCCU Soundspace Pickin' Parlor performance on April 16, 2019. Our video stream of Jameson Rodgers' Pickin' Parlor performance has now ended. Thanks for watching! Want to go to the next Pickin' Parlor? Sign up below! John and Tammy’s new Country Pickin’ Parlor...
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