Amazon Receives OK From FAA to Use Prime Delivery Drones

Amazon has received the green light from the FAA to operate a fleet of Prime Delivery Drones. The FAA has given its blessing to Amazon to start flying drone aircraft that would deliver packages that are under five pounds.
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It may seem futuristic, but they've been talking about the possibility for years. Deliveries my soon be coming to your door by way of drones, San Diego has been chosen for this three year testing project starting this summer and if all goes well Uber and McDonalds my be joining the fleet. To start...
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Is drone-delivered Uber Eats coming to San Diego?

Uber has been testing food delivery via drone right here in San Diego. If the tests meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval, it could officially launch drone-delivered Uber Eats this summer in San Diego. The trials have been in partnership with McDonalds, though Uber Eats plans to...
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