Christmas music

'It's Christmas Once Again in San Diego' - Here's More About The Song

I've been in San Diego radio for many years, and every Christmas we always get lots of question about "It's Christmas Once Again in San Diego." The song was written and recorded by composer/artist Barry DeVorzon . Whether you know it or not, you're familar with his music. Just a few of the...
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Thoughtful Christmas Presents and Ideas

Christmas has always been special to me, and not in the commercialized aspect. Although I have had my fair share of barbie dolls, basketballs, socks, and that one thing you couldn't live without going into the new year; I found the most everlasting gifts are the ones that take more energy, less...
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Things To Do In SD for Thanksgiving

This is personally my first Thanksgiving in San Diego and away from home. So, of course, I am looking for something to lighten the mood and bring the holiday spirit to life in my new home. Beside going to concerts, working, and spending time with new found friends; there are all of these events...
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