Baby Walt


What is Walt Singing?

Producer Jessica's little man Walt is REALLY into this song and signing it all over the house. Can you guess what it is?
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Walt High Chair

Life with Toddlers - Walt Turns Into A Gremlin After He Eats At Night!

Producer Jessica's son Walt has been doing something a little strange at night after eating dinner. Every night he starts out ebing really sweet and making these adorable sounds like Gizmo from The Gremlin and then once he eats, he's a wild crazy Gremlin! You can hear it for yourself below!
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Tammy And Producer Jessica Call Jim Floros From The San Diego Food Bank To Give Diaper Total On Diaper Drive!

Over the weekend, Producer Jessica celebrated her baby's 1st birthday with a party at Mike Hess Brewing, North Park! Instead of gifts for baby Walt, she asked everyone to bring diapers to donate to the Diaper Bank program with the San Diego Food Bank. Tammy and Producer Jessica called Jim Floros...
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Parents Are Loving Throwing Cheese On Their Children

The latest viral internet challenge involves a slice of cheese and...babies. And parents are LOVING IT! A dad started this challenege by throwing a slice of cheese on his baby and it was LOL funny so the rest of the world jumped on too 'cheesing' their babies, kids, moms, dads and even dogs! It's...
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What Did Your Kids Play With That Wasn't Really A Toy?

Producer Jessica's baby is really into his new toy...A PEPSI CUP FROM COSTCO. He LOVES it! What did or does your child play with that's not technically a toy?
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Baby Walt Tells Us What He Thinks About The Chargers, The Bachelor And More!

Baby Walt is such a talker these days and Producer Jessica was able to record their latest chat together. Hear him talk about the Chargers, the new Bachelor Colton and more below!
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Producer Jessica Is In Labor! Check in # 1

Baby Walt is almost here! Producer Jessica is in labor and John and Tammy checked in with her all morning long on Friday while she waits for baby Walt's arrival. Hear how it all happened, when her water broke and how she's doing below in the first check in with Producer Jessica!
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