Man Drives Stolen Firetruck to Nearby Bar With Sirens Flashing

Dawson Cody Porter, a man from Alaska, just couldn’t wait to get to the bar. The 22-year-old stole and drove a stolen firetruck to a nearby bar.
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Man Makes 14-Hour Boat Trip to Costco Every Week to Supply His Small City With Food

Whatever it takes to get groceries at Costco. An Alaskan man makes a weekly 14-hour boat trip to the major supermarket to supply his small city.
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Splash Zone! Check Out This Close Encounter!

A humpback whale gave everyone on board a tourist boat off the coast of Alaska their money's worth and more this week! Hope the cameras were ready because this was a once-in-a-lifetime close up look! Maybe a little too close? SPLASH ZONE: This humpback gave whale watchers their money's worth...
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