50 Before 50

Tammy's 50 Before 50: Lighting a Christmas Tree on Fire

As we get closer and closer to celebrating Tammy's 50th birthday, she continuing to check things off her 50 Before 50 list. During the Christmas break, Tammy checked another item off her list by setting a Christmas tree on fire!
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50 Before 50: Tammy's First Pitch

Tammy checked off another item off her 50 Before 50 list last night by throwing out the first pitch at the Padres game.
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Tammy's 50 Before 50 - The Ride Along

Tammy got the chance to ride along with some of Chula Vista's finest as part of her 50 Before 50.
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Tammy's 50 Before 50 - Trying an MRE

Tammy continues to knock items off her list of 50 things she wants to do before she turns 50. Today, she is trying an MRE.
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