Hornblower Whale Watching Report - August 5-8, 2016

The lastest Hornblower Cruises & Events Whale & Dolphin Sighting Report

August 9, 2016

The Blue Whale is the largest animal that has ever lived. Bigger even than the largest dinosaur. And their migration is going on now! Hornblower Cruises & Events Whale Watching Adventures depart daily Friday - Monday.


August 8th, 2016
1 humpback whale, 200+ common dolphins

Gray skies didn't stop guests on board the Adventure today from enjoying watching a juvenile humpback whale feeding just a few miles off Pt. Loma. The humpback showed us its flukes several times as it dove making for a great whale watching experience. Common dolphins, however, were the the real show stoppers today…three pods were sighted, including one that engaged in a "dolphin stampede!"


August 7th, 2016
2 blue whales

Luck was with us today! Captain Joe headed out to 9-Mile Bank and, within fifteen minutes found our first blue whale, We confirmed that is was a blue whale with its flat, u-shaped head. The whale did not venture too far from the first sighting for a second sighting. At that sighting, VIOLA, a second blue whale surfaced giving us excellent views of two blue whales!. We enjoyed multiple viewings of both whales.


August 6th, 2016
1 minke whale, 100+ common dolphins

Windy and choppy conditions and lots of swell on the ocean made it a challenge to find baleen whales today. Captain Jules headed west to find a minke whale that spouted once. On the way in, guest enjoyed watching about 100 common dolphins.

August 5th, 2016
200+ common dolphins, storm petrels

While we didn't find any baleen whales today, guests enjoyed watching a herd of playful and energetic common dolphins for about a half hour. We also came across a large raft of storm petrels out past 9-mile Bank.



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