Dad's getting the hang of this whole texting thing...

June 29, 2016

Hey it’s Kimo, and I wanted to share this photo from Father’s Day weekend, taken with my Dad’s Jitterbug Flip. Much like the texting with the Jitterbug Flip from GreatCall was my dad’s first experience texting... this was his first experience sending us all a picture! He's getting the hang of this whole texting thing.

It was funny mentioning to him for the first time “Hey text us the shot!” and sure enough there it is. While the photo is a group shot, one thing is for sure... The Jitterbug Flip has helped my Dad feel like he's re-gaining his own independence. It’s a cellphone that doubles as a personal safety device. Which means not only does he keep his active independent lifestyle, I know that no matter where he is, I have peace of mind that with the Jitterbug Flip in his pocket he can just press the 5Star button and quickly get help if he needs it. 

With Independence DAY coming up, it’s nice to know that with his Jitterbug Flip he’s independent EVERY day.

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