Bet this text chain doesn't look that impressive to you...

May 25, 2016

To most people this text chain really doesn't look that impressive. But for my 87 year old dad to embrace technology and message me it's downright impressive.

Ever since I got the Jitterbug Flip for my dad we're staying in touch a lot more. Not just Father's Day and holidays. He loves the big buttons and the big screen that keep him from fat fingering his phone calls. He loves the one touch flashlight for reading menus in dark restaurants and finding his way to his car at night.  He also loves the magnifier that helps him read the small print on his medications.

I love the fact that his Jitterbug Flip is also a personal safety device. If there's an emergency all he has to do is press the phone's 5star button and he's instantly connected with someone who can help him in any emergency. 

That makes me feel even better – knowing I can count on GreatCall to be there for him if he needs help.

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