Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: May 19th

May 19, 2016

1)  ABC cancelled the Muppets, which mean this talking green frog Muppet is out of a job.  What's his name? 

2)  True or False:  On the TV show Seinfeld, Kramer's name was originally Kessler. 

3)  Robin Wright managed to get the same pay as her co-star Kevin Spacey, by threatening to go public about pay inequality.  Netflix gave in and paid her.  What show do Wright and Spacey star in on Netflix? 

4)  Hawaiian surfer and musician Jack Johnson turned 41 years old yesterday. He created the soundtrack for which wildly popular 2006 children’s movie about a monkey?

5)  Tina Fey also had a Birthday yesterday.  She wrote and co-starred in the classic movie Mean Girls.  In that movie, Lindsay Lohan's character is befriended by the A-list girl clique who called themselves what?

Play along here: 

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