May 3 Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - Brandi

May 3, 2016

Brandi puts the hurt on Tammy and breaks her winning streak! Could you have done the same?

1)  Happy Birthday Eric Church!  His signature look has become him wearing sunglasses, even at night.  What brand name sun glasses is he always wearing?  

2)  Office stars John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer had a mini Office reunion in NYC according to a picture John posted on Twitter. Who did the 2 play on the Office?​ 

3)  The Jungle Book is still the top movie at the box office – what is the name of the free spirited bear?

4)  The sequel to Independence Day will be out next will NOT include the star of Independence Day Will Smith.  In that movie, Smith plays a pilot for what branch of the military?

5)  George Lopez gave Prince’s family $20,000 for living expenses to hold them over until the singers estate is divided among his various relatives. What was the name of George's late night talk show that aired on TBS which Prince made a rare public appearance on?

May 3 Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - Brandi