KSON Going Gold: Update on Iron Gideon

September 18, 2017

Last year we went gold for Iron Gideon. His mom Sosy sent us an update on his progress: 

Gideon was a very healthy and energetic kid, up to his 5th birthday. A week later it all changed beginning with the first episode of pain, redness and swelling in his chest along with a low grade fever that would all last for a week or two. This was caused by a bone lesion that had formed on his chestplate. These episodes would flare up twice more over the course of 5 months with the docs leaning towards a disease called crmo, ruling out leukemia as the test that was taken was negetive. Two months later and having his health declining quickly with a lack of appetite, weight loss, lack of energy, jaundice and having a hard time breathing, he took a blood test and was rushed to the emergency room at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. November 17, 2015 was the day we were told Gideon had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Just like a birthdate, the diagnosis date is one that is forever burned in your soul. 

Gideon did not reach remission within the first month of treatment, so he was placed in the very high risk protocol of treatment.  Luckily, he has been a warrior throughout all of the chemotherapy drugs, spinal taps, and bone marrow aspirations. He has had a few close calls with an anaphylactic reaction to a chemotherapy drug, as well as having emergency appendix removal surgery with zero immune system. Even the 7 months of health issues he had where the leukemia slowly making itself known is rare, as it usually comes very quickly and intense. 

The first hospital stay was the hardest. Gideon could barely function and required transfusions for days before he could even begin his treatment. We spent 11 days inpatient, celebrating thanksgiving with our immediate family in the hospital room. It didn't take long for us to figure out that staying positive and making the best of the situation was the only option for surviving the 3.5 years of treatment we had ahead of us.  

Since his diagnosis, Gideon has been a busy boy. He has helped raise funds for Rady through numerous nonprofit organizations through live news, radio, and public speaking events, adoped by the Lake Elsinore Storm baseball organization  (minor league team for the Padres), lit the ACCO awareness tree in Newport Beach, had his room made into a batcave by Savvy Giving By Design, lost 7 baby teeth, grew a few inches, gained 2 new fur babies, learned to swim,  proposed to his favorite nurse (she said yes!), lost his hair twice, has always a crazy colored mohawk ever since it came back, went to one celebration of life for a 5 year old boy, and has also lost three more of his warrior friends along the way.

 This is why its so important to help donate to pediatric cancer research.  No matter how much joy and unique experiences come our way through this journey, there are always little warriors that loose the battle and that is forever painful to our hearts because we fight together and we loose together. All we can do is honor them by continuing to fight the way they would have if they were still here. 

Gideon will end his treatment in February 23, 2019...one month shy of his 9th birthday.  Same as the diagnosis date, the end of treatment date is also one that is burned into the soul, this time in hope for a cure, and new beginnings. 

Follow along with Gideon's progess at facebook.com/IronGideon/.