KSON Going Gold: Rocco Worley

September 12, 2017

Rocco is currently fighting cancer. His mother Julia shares his story:

After about two years of what doctors thought were migraine headaches and unexplainable neck and back pain, Rocco Worley was diagnosed with a rare tumor in his cerebellum. After brain and skull decompression surgery in January 2017, Rocco started chemotherapy and steroid treatments for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). So few people have had LCH in the cerebellum that there isn't a treatment specifically for kids like Rocco, so doctors and have tried several chemotherapies for Leukemia. He has finished one protocol, and he's halfway through the second with very slow results. He has doctors all over the world following his case, and discussing what to do next.

Rocco is now 11 years old. His life was once filled with friends, beaches and skateparks, and constantly on the go. With treatment schedules, appointments, along with emotional and physical struggles, Rocco hasn't been to school since December 2016. Life is so different, he wonders what friends will be in the hospital when he's admitted, rather than what he is going to play at recess with his friends. Rocco has been so brave and strong since diagnosis. On good days, he has found surfing to be the best therapy. Even if his body can only handle 30 minutes, that time doing something he loves helps push him through the next day. He just wants to be a normal kid. His family would do anything for him to be healthy again.