Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge April 14th - Belen

April 14, 2016

1)  Stagecoach is just a few weeks away...but first, Indio has 2 straight weekends of what rock festival? 

2)  Megan Fox and soon to be exhusband Brian Austin Green are expecting their 3rd child.  What was Brian's character's first name on the original Beverly Hills 90210...David, Matt or Jesse?

3)  Actress Abigail Breslin is turning 20 today.  She became famous with her roles in Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland and Signs.  She made her acting debt though in a commercial for what Toy Store?

4)  American Crime Story :The People Vs OJ Simpson brought out some GREAT performances from John Travolta, Sarah Paulsen and Cuba Gooding Jr.  What actor played the late lawyer and OJ Simpson friend, Robert Kardashian?

5)  According to a list put together by vox.com about the consistently worst reviewed films,  Rob Schneider makes the worst movies. Which actor topped the best reviewed films list?​

Belen keeps Tammy's win streak alive...how would you have done?


Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge April 14th - Belen