Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: August 22nd, 2017

August 22, 2017

1)  John Rich from Big and Rich posted an instagram pic of his new pool that he’s putting in his backyard.  Is his pool shaped like a guitar, a beer bottle or a heart?  

2)  Starbucks has been named the country’s favorite spot to…not drink coffee…but to get work done out of the office, thanks to their free wifi.  True or False:  Wifi stands for Wireles Fidelity.  *

3)  Matt Leblanc was offered the part of Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family”, but he turned it down, because he didn’t think he was right for it. In the show, what does Phil Dunphy do for a living? 

4)  Bob Odenkirk says he would like to redo some of “Breaking Bad” on “Better Call Saul”, but from Saul’s point of view. In what state did Breaking bad take place?  

5)  SO many people talking about the eclipse still…the movie “Little Shop of Horrors”   is about a nerdy florist shop worker who raises a vicious, raunchy plant that feeds on human blood, because the plant was purchased during a solar eclipse. Give me either the nerdy florist, or the plants name.