Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 21st, 2017

June 21, 2017

1) Tony Danza is returning to TV, for a Netflix show called "The Good Cop" and like the TV shows he previously starred on...Who's The Boss, The Tony Danza Show, Hudson Street and Taxi...his character's name will be what?  

2) A new LUCKY CHARMS milkshake just went on sale at Burger King.  It's made out of vanilla ice cream, a sweet syrup, and pieces of the oats AND marshmallows from Lucky Charms.  What is the name of the  Leprechaun on a box of Lucky Charms Cereal...Lucky, Sugar O'Toole or Pip? 

3) Mark Wahlberg is hitting theaters again in Transformers: The Last Knight. Back in 2008, Andy Samberg went viral with an SNL sketch titled, “Mark Wahlberg Talks to ________”​  

4) The two guys who were supposed to direct the young Han Solo movie have left over creative differences.  One source claims they were fired.  The frontrunner to replace them is the Oscar winning director of Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind.  Who is he?

5) DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has retired from acting.  He has one more movie on the way, but apparently, that's it.  He's won a record THREE Best Actor Oscars.  One was for "Lincoln"  Name either of the other two.  

Play along below:

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 21st, 2017