Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 30th, 2017

May 30, 2017

1) The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie won the box office this weekend making $77 million. How many movies are now part of the franchise 3 5 or 7? 

2) A new hysterical promo for Shark Week hit the web and features the singer Seal getting eaten by a great white shark with the tagline "It's a bad week to be a seal." What network does Shark Week air on? 

3) In celebration of Wonder Woman and her many female fans, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has announced a women only showing of the upcoming movie.  Wonder Woman has a lasso that can do what? Make you tell the truth or freeze time?  

4) It’s been 22 years since the movie “Clueless” came out and over the weekend, star Alicia Silverstone and co-star Breckin Meyer re-united for a screening of the classic comedy.  In “Clueless”…what was Alicia Silverstone’s character’s name?

5) Recently, Beyoncé and her A-list posse, consisting of her closest friends and family, got gussied up for a festive baby shower, which was dubbed the "Carter Push Party."Guests arrived in limos which means they probably took the HOV lane.  What does HOV stand for? 

Play along below:

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 30th, 2017