22ND Anniversary of 'Check Yes or No' and 'She Still Loves Me'

April 10, 2017

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This day on April 10th in 1995, “Check Yes or No” and “I Know She Still Loves Me" were made and recorded to become part of Strait Out of the Box.

Strait Out of the Box was a collection of four CDs that included most of Strait’s singles, from “I Just Can’t Go on Dying Like This,” which was his debut single in 1976, through “Check Yes or No” and “I Know She Still Loves Me.”

They were even recorded at Emerald Sound Studios in Nashville!! 


“Check Yes or No” was written by Danny Wells and Dana Hunt. It became Strait’s 28th No. 1 hit!!


It is also included on Strait’s 2004 50 Number Ones album and more. The song won him both a CMA and an ACM for Single of the Year.

Strait Out of the Box went platinum two months after it's release, and it has sold over 8 million copies!