Tammy's Full 50 Before 50 List

February 6, 2017

Last year, we challenged Tammy to do 50 things she had never done before her 50th birthday. She got them all done! 

Here is the final list of her 50 Before 50: 

  1. Set a mousetrap
  2. Ride a mechanical bull
  3. Blow up balloons
  4. Change a tire
  5. Go to a nice dinner alone
  6. Unplug for 24 hours
  7. Slide down a fire pole
  8. Use a nail gun
  9. Help build a fire
  10. iFly
  11. Do a cop ride along
  12. Work with a K9
  13. Throw out fist pitch
  14. Eat an MRE
  15. Drive a boat
  16. Clear out spiders in shed
  17. Fancy movie theater with wine and dinner
  18. Do a keg stand
  19. Eat a churro
  20. Climb stairs in fireman's gear
  21. Play the game "stump"
  22. Trick or Treat with a cockatoo
  23. Feed a tiger
  24. Go on a ghost hunt
  25. Judge a pet costume contest
  26. Hold a legless lizard
  27. Drive down Banner grade with out using brakes
  28. Light an Christmas tree on fire
  29. Use a fire extinguisher
  30. Get lash extensions
  31. Off road with an FJ
  32. Be an honor flight guardian
  33. Drive a R2R​
  34. Empty black tank in RV
  35. Pull a truck and trailer out of the mud with RV
  36. Movie with a 95-year-old woman
  37. Whale watching
  38. Get botox on air
  39. Make cheese
  40. Scuba lesson
  41. Jet ski
  42. Find and make a "signature" dish and learn to make it with out a recipe
  43. Plant a tree
  44. Call someone you haven't talked to for over a year
  45. Read a "trilogy" in one weekend! (50 Shades series)
  46. Binge watch an entire season of a show ( actually did 3 seasons of Top Chef) 
  47. Become a non-smoker!!! (last smoke on 1/29/17)
  48. Trim a palm tree
  49. Play 'Call of Duty" with my son
  50. Get a professional male lap dance!