You Won't Believe This Telemarketing Call That Tammy Got!

Thursday, September 6th


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We don't get telemarketing calls and we all telemarketing calls from. A businesses that we already utilized surely have a credit card players higher we'd like to change you out under this credit card it's a better deal he give him all the time. But I was. Just. Shocked I guess. And I couldn't believe. The telemarketing call I got from my mortgage company now I'd block a allotted amount and I plotted out there for number but this is no I can't believe I am I hope match. Because I could not believe this person's job. Is to call me as a customer and offer me some services that they have to okay that they want me to get excited about that they would like meat to purchase rate. Or something to do this case they would meet at all refight the equity at your house okay. But you aren't gonna believe. This. Personally can't hardly understand her and that she is in the middle of it. This is crazy. Economy have a clone finishes we've basically accused of its own ordinance subscription where it. Directly at home next united I don't approve of corporate political victory over but it treatment. Your car internship and. I don't know if convicted interceptions. And that the and. Or woman. Sport when experts. Up the most thankless job in the work it would have been hung up on a lot of interest in I think there's a worst jobs and that we worst jobs that read polymarker does script. Yes I have. And I know that the only reason and then yet it but here's the deal as a telemarketer calling people who didn't. I didn't have their business right this is someone who I have business where very arm. Our car and you didn't. It's gonna make a sale is she ever gonna get somebody you know what I buy your call I really think I should refinance help my we see CEO letting her. Was it was my life this is she you Nina and our government payment. Our intention. I. Defenders at you is involuntary you can't help when you on you ever tried this I feel he can't tell if your professional and also sorry. While the first zero energy in their nothing at all that call makes you wanna go get me out of my house now saying listen we are very lucky. To have the job that we love where I'm at three B how lucky were blasted. We don't have to like to read the going to work the night before. Mean you're suing your no word if you don't know her life I kind of coming into place third. Arm and our attention and it doesn't Sally she's really happy little things ergo they can I not say that that's terrible customer series that is that story that's off I would like the better off if cam and we're talking to you had an appearance or even on the air and we are dealing you'd probably be a he knew in our permission to be kind of offended by that yet hate. What will what was it just had two Saturdays ago where we had two events that we have to do you know by Saturday announced really tired and OS I wanted to do was talk to be nice but that's my job Q magic. All but it'll east and me just how tall man I just I was shocked I was probably about actually to keep up a is here. Over. Our car and you let subdued Sally Allen oh.