Write A Tune Tuesday - Nancarrow

Tuesday, May 3rd


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John and Tammy my gratitude to. A strategy. John and Sammy. Michelle in the West Coast. Brand because then caromed their stage coach debuted to smashing. Success. That was our theme today for righted soon Tuesday especially because this is I'm a lot of people's minds. The stage cough. All that stuff coming up from here. Which is a gross we have putting it Graham and that's really kind of wanted to as idea how to make it up now I heard it on the way here to. How are you guys do a great job as it was more about that the moment but does tell ya ya all things in their Mother's Day stage coach. Maybe if there was sink them I'll get a little bit and you did and you know I'm listening to shut up now what's the song called staged off perfect and anti hero. Right into enthusiasts only you will dry when John Sammy and KS ON. Command. I got home from stage 20. Whereas some dust in my throat nose surveys go to La did that town. Just more man. I'd say you have been heard hands. And mother's name is Tom men. It is. Moran on the man. Mom. I didn't mean that is my whole us. Back gate Cary away. So man. The bag did that man was saying momma trap on Mother's Day load got stage. Mom and answered there's. Did bill does then my throat nose surveys love shared. Man this Simone. That's you out there and turn hand. And mothers' day's. Com win. It is. There around the man. Good. Mothers' day's drama fans just. Around. Man. Music like that we'll hear in steel and invited back as did just that. Here thank you thank you. And of course and by whenever you want Graham and the guys to welcome back threatened Tuesday. What's up next Bernanke are you guys never stopped. Our plan may tenth for a little moral baggage I haggard tribute. Belly up upon. May tenth like it just says go singer Merle back home yes some of the great San Diego bands there too and we hit Phoenix on Wednesday in Tucson on Friday. Was like Xerox star was a pretty cool. I'll do except for that title if you haven't been OK good answer refused to hunt I was hoping he feels good schools we'll go mustard shot. Yeah yeah didn't fall my a sigh of my guys please come back OK doesn't seem like handling on the stereo good parent. Come back soon okay absolutely I think guys having congratulations again guys like kicking stage coach in the bud thanks really Cooley here that.