Write A Tune Tuesday - Morgan Leigh Band

Tuesday, April 26th


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Luke Bryan is a stage coach performer a headliner on Sunday he is really excited here with more elite bands put together. Perot does stagecoach on today for a missile thing we do here John and Sammy gratitude to. John and Sammy. Hottest show in the west coming doesn't intend in the morning and DSL and tradition to two run attuned to his day and yes it was all about taking that road to stage coach today. All about aids coach at this point we are actually my it's. Lord gave away from state coach right now I'm getting my art be ready Phil would be here booed and of course we're bringing pretty late. And Davies making baby Wear and phases making. They beat us up I do think a new bumper sticker is just in Korea I in the meantime the fabulous Morgan Lehman is here at least what two fifths of them are here. Six that's absolutely kick out through their strengths are now that grew out of state and well and this is my third in the polls nearly a delta with a third of the Morgan only event. And they are here to perform taken the road correct digging and looking and by the way your own FaceBook gladly live right now Tim we are alive right now so no screw ups. Now coming in Carson talking to me think importantly Dan Ryan didn't do you say hello FaceBook live. Daddy. Removed. So carrying. I can't just say is don't. Yeah he's got dad told me. Hello them well it's hanging around announcing in his days Jones. Doesn't pack my bags and many go. Good day's delay. I down again roulette then a town of playing the I've done any must still bad amateur days he did some Monday airy and his game cannon hazy and I'm not gonna lose and again and Davies. Yeah I would Nagin and I. Well. Again. Damage taken. That have aids or down and taken my jazz and then my daddy and Latin. Hang on again. Maybe I'm banks and navy and Connor and the age. Alone. And pagan. And Tuesday's. Whose love. Indiana taken. And do this day it's cone typical. Morning away. I am yeah. Tail and they want them they need is the baby due homage to prince is well and there again Solomon and everything. I'm more relieved and you know wait did the road as did her thing percent from the scene fours where can we see you guys put a lot. Wake me playing at the standing of fairness here that the dilemma and CU around some fun cool shows for the summer and so check out our web site beautiful. Normally and that kind of come yeah all right I think yes please come back again yeah I feel well.