Write a Tune Tuesday - June 28th, 2016

Tuesday, June 28th


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John attending the gratitude to. John and Sammy. The show in the West Coast. And run to your computers or your your phones because we are about legal fees glad. I was read to enthusiastic FaceBook that have. Jose Daniel closed so good thank you thank you here Reid DJ I don't I'm not so do. Weird I don't know what a radio DJ and and I'm I'm giving you compliments on the first time thank you get up from. Had a very often think hundred as of right now welcome to judge him in the morning welcome to ride tuned to CN KS ON Daniel's death this is your Nathan is here as well. And today our theme was one that we can all relate to this coming year tourists. Well the director hair I've prided all weekend and I can I park educated now with two or terrorist event that really thinks. I'm wondering you know hunting season you can get like oh my. I'm eighty spend your money we think we need it but they are beaten that I wrote. A bullet up. Yeah I guess she just do hovercraft or something. All right Danielle you guys had an hour to write a brand new song with all those wonderful wonderful bonuses to tourists and. Like we will hunt them but mentally you are here is a tourist we Levy wouldn't again this Sanjaya taming in the morning. SL and the more likely that I love working and hospitality industry this is. Exactly yeah. I'm not me OK so Danielle knew there was as difficult for you this morning there actually is if yeah yeah it was a good call and loud moan about it titles that recently called tourist time. Makes some sense tour time Daniel status this is or guitars Nathan as well and this is tourist time with rising Susie I guess on. Anything I don't. Larry is serious these and their name. Marreese AM. This is Sony sandy grabbing hands clean and and to me about BJ is. And there's a faint sounds TV ads and he has seen it on there John CU they. Learn really Jaswant Judah coming on zinni and bans them now and cash. As well as soon. It is beyond me is sandy and go again. Book and Google's not a good fans who plan on paying the yeah I would not have and I cannot scenes though we can't rad as Bryant then beads because it's. His time in sandy and there are. Well Amy is I mean yeah coming out terror umbrella minute. Our sunny is out in the clouds are gone when asked. If you got in front of me on the debris away really didn't burn on days and get serious. I mean Zandi and. Oh yeah. Yeah does not only okay you zoom in on day 80 yeah. The only downer and then again I'm seeing no we can't brand has gone that these doesn't. And in sandy and down Jimmy around. This is just this series sound happy because this tour is. I mean San Diego. It's. Yeah yeah. Any awareness he'll play next. And not we are playing at the stats on Adams avenue this Saturday Ayman 9 PM all right what happened. And they congratulations on the upcoming nuptials of some big day for you is fair amount. Wanna say I mean she's at a man. In and and Rhonda says your cute by the way I love the bird. Okay okay. Okay. This isn't just any shell this. Big farewell show with a fair Russia yeah our bones Castro with them the next couple weeks here so we lose we seem to Biron who were saying only bush is is home. I had tonight yeah you're gonna be good to see if yeah oh. No way. I'm on my eyes of the Chris finally it's. In that case and not continued success yeah. We we will be certain to latch on your coat tails when you guys are big time may hear it on the supply and I'm always love having you here thing has really did my. Guys came.