Write-a-Tune Tuesday - June 27th, 2016

Tuesday, June 27th


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John and attending the gratitude Tuesday. It he and Sammy. Show in the west come our phone number is 619570. Number 1973. Another round of write a tune Tuesday. The late June addition. As hot man the it's it's Camille Little bit cooler today and I didn't nowhere near as hot as it was yesterday. But for mid seventy's at the coast and upper eighties inland and and is we can get closer to an equal Donald Moore in a brand new look musicians to welcome to write a tune in Tuesday we love. This portion of the show because we support local music in San Diego. More on that in a bit but first your call 619570. Number 1973. Listen there are no bad ideas you know that we take some phrases from your phone calls. We present them to our artist and then they had an hour try to brand new song based on those ideas. We were tossed out a few things already we talked about done our experience with with Ferdinand. The beluga whale yesterday at SeaWorld right not only the Jessica make out with. But I also go pack on the cheek from Ferdinand your many of the storm a mommy streaming. When I was a kid called Ferdinand the bull is as big old bowl as a big ol' Waylon adjusted to spend money back a little bit and financial burden and I bonded as what an asset a AJ lakeside Jan how hot is it lakes yesterday. Under Pratt and yeah five. I shot. What's on your mind game. As a quality care that I do have been kissed by a majestic the animal in us Beckett I am who when they did this shows where they call somebody up from the audience certainly you lean over the saint allow it to me. Might that it was I bet it was did you similar conversation after his vehicle for my ticket and I don't think I would have been the by. It caused him big PGA and let it stay in the AC today and and Kathy isn't remotely Cantu was on your mind. Well I want you know you're up back up beautiful memory for me because when my nephew went a little 23 now. You can put a mile left I juries bird and the bulk. It's. So yeah. Partly our men and Iron Mountain flowers. And he didn't mount of flowers just when you got. Odds are it's good crack. Among he's doubled to meet you still haven't somewhere Ferdinand the ball well written movie that are they. Holler gonna do it but that we interest and it transformer something that was a lot of time honored is it. As. A brand new sandy who is just try to Tuesday. Please welcome clothes and to the show good morning it was Dan and Maureen was and it is rocking watermelon socks and yeah. Well there it. All he has them that's right we don't eat your socks though it's so weird guy it's really the last. Well deserve it. What we want to know is a visual ideas or right it's your Tuesday woods on your mind what's going on in your world six point 95. So he just stepped away from. Just left wing 609570. Number one at 973 that's the number to call for what's going on in your world. With right at you and Tuesday to ease the tension and it now via high. Learn more about of them on and they get more of your ideas with more your phone calls against excellent 9570 number 1973. Writes in Tuesday it would John Tanner thanking us on. John and Tammy and gratitude to get 61957. Though number 1973. We go to crystal crystal. Is not the best mood and wanted to talk about for a a tune to secret to what's going on your mind. Umps are crystals are really soft. So what are you doing to get through its reading. The power of music you know stupid sad songs either the grades went into the well sometimes you get Christ so maybe. Relented last I was really feeling like oops that after a break up. It's in the every song them. Was the way it goes down this I think can I please get a happy song anything snag the Stephanie was on in my garage in Tuesday. Ain't. That brilliant art go back where they were union for twenty days by the way I'll. Get there. All while we're in Wisconsin. That it just. I'll do you just not used to living managed yeah I know what I want a violent. Wow all we. There's no question they'll ask you about was Gaza have been there in quite awhile but I got a bigger question I think many people are asking who gets twenty days of vacation. I. And we broke out there and broke all the back. So you are you planned it right to forget it to a wedding absolutely we're thrilled for you in a thank you for sharing that with dozens of pictures or something are. Thank you for sharing that when they carcinoma and I'm chanting anti that the benefit fantasy GE and think. Hi Linda how would you might write it's your Tuesday. And eight. Greek teenager wall OK so we are just on the phone with someone who was on vacation for twenty days in now you. Are on seventeen road trip we are you going. Wasn't a long rides and a right. Three teenagers. Teen sex game. Here. And I imagine because they're all teenagers are all technologically. More advanced than you are they got themselves covered as far as what to do. On that huge long road trip. Yeah. Right well and they can help you with the driving two again anyway. Hi and you know. Socio travels. And. One minute warning and maybe you know this already this time of year that part of countries super hot super humid. Yeah well it got me. Thinking that. Approach. But urgent and immediate and he didn't. Eight. Now I'm. Sorry yeah elm. I saw Lawson had a great save trapped and so site they just don't rather have salute our brand new artist for a iTunes music is no. Wonderful to meet you tell us a bit about yourself. Oh yeah I'll have my name is Louisiana and has an on the I am local artist. Just starting out actually just trying to get things together you know playing a lot alive. You don't mean the recording yet have a YouTube channel it into ram. Account face a page follow me. I was watching YouTube channel yesterday and we also performed at the zoo that go for is their jobs are at the affair yeah this fair oh my gosh so touched by an ally that crowd are I guess I played Thursday night. My one of the Thursday night and the crowd was wild there are shown our requests there is in a long it was fantastic when the crowd is into it. It just makes the show and ancillary or speaking while my yellow requests right now but. It's draws some lyrics note and I have put our heads together and cope with the possible phrases for you to put in the song. Branson Tuesday look at McCain first of all I want this in their height who have been kissed by a majestic scene animal. Right Tammy and I like that all right the well Hudson and you're a songwriter. Shoot I'm in a break up. Maybe with a majestic scene and maybe in your call them and that anything about road trip and feel about the Roche a blessing to be your theme for this last segment self. You now have won our young talented and was down and the US brand new song with those phrases and whatever else you got going on okay awesome you wait to hear your work group. Our I think that that's a lesson is that we can. Or again he is wearing watermelon Sox. Which is pretty much what rock stars do have photos and we'll see when our okay John and candy gratitude to day. Gratitude. John and Sammy right. Show in the west come and one dollar since we have talked to our brand new artist I'm joined him in the morning. Ran it in Tuesday on penicillin her name is was and she is a native of San Diego it's nice to meet you as and I think you on the power Gulfport. I'll be microphones on him out it would help if I have a turn ago. Felicia day. I apologize did not end up all right Jose and I you were ahead of a pretty who. Movies is is that it was a difficult for you or just ask I guess. Action is pretty different from excellent begins play and get the phrases like our you know. Odd but and that's the game of the phrases that you must write a song about these were those odds phrases. Day at the Vanity Fair that I if you had been kissed by a majestic the animal you this I Beckett like him who when they did this shows where they call somebody up from the audience than what you lean over the saint. And I'll break. Ansari crystals are really tough. So what are you doing to get through its reading. I'll get you there. Aren't they can't. Aim at brilliant art to go back where they're. He gave. The Greek teenager. So is and we need these phrases I too have been kissed by a majestic sea animal. That is what their favorite lines ever I think. Shoot I'm in a break open and enable the road trip calls that we got. I'll also remind you that we are on FaceBook lives okay as Owen Stanley. And say good morning to who's and a and I can then view isn't. Was any you named the song is smelly car vee EU as in the smelly car verses you act and in honor of the break up culture of torture there. Those are this is goes into making her write a tune Tuesday debut on John instantly in the morning on FaceBook logon Qaeda Selanne. Soon. I'm in a great. And no. Played him made him a seeing. Much since his own man. And time. Danny he's it and pack. Up all night me. And so on and then and then smooth skin. He's meant that ability. Semen. I still think he has I am my tested who end and I do. It is nineteen saying. And then and it's wrong now I us. Clothes burned you know. Now I say. Well and personally can't. RO very used. Fluently. And I still think kids and I am my existing land then times. Now on it's nice to say man moon. He'd come nine and then and it home and I on. All wild and do it alone and then I'd say. Ron and his smell like Horrow wearing. You. In more we. A guy. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well you know that. Have seen him but I was etiquette mean you are new working now is to Jay Leno is dealers and how things go in she had this look of confidence arising. Great. Hello follow that you're helping cocky you know just she knew. You can play guitar girl tell us about how you learn who inspired you to pick up the guitar. Yeah I tie myself. On guitar but I didn't have a music teacher. I was like twelve or so. It's a lot self taught but OK so kind of funny and when I was like twelve or so I'm Terry Taylor Swift come out with your music towns like. He got right side started doing in the great like look at you avenues for getting out again. Teenage angst sure good for you yeah that's awesome you know I mean Islamic black. And it's funny fat when he got a major flag me out some some years. Right do you think. Yeah about it I'm feeling great and position. Actually you go back. Up on some great and in in those nobody upcoming gigs into him a push you to jail and pays the right yes he you'd sue and face that and everything in is to Graham is. Potion man that H oh. As age and a and NA or you can searched Louisiana all you know and thanks nice job was and he will be that. Well done.