Write a Tune Tuesday - June 21st, 2016

Tuesday, June 21st


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Then really gratitude to the. A strategy. John and Sammy. This show in the West Coast. Not a stretch T shirts started off as an original idea I'm John Jimmy try to tune Tuesday did you know that I denied totaled just merely an. He just heard it on KS silliness oil fits in at 745. And Alina flares with a site Dylan gifted Harriet how wonderful her guitarists accompanist partner Daniel as well Dana good to see you and I get to see you do enjoy listening to you play guitar. Get a brand new song you all wrote in one hour Bay's done this idea of beaten and they heat. I'm sitting here miles yeah he's. Yeah I'm great I'm all while monsoonal. There are other ideas as well that is can't get their thumb in my eyes when. I consider him out in these. Yeah I'm bring out all while monsoonal. At least some of the songs and your misgivings. And then be something like okay. Nicely and one hour to run a brand new song which we are about in whenever you're ready to him he would FaceBook alive or gone all right it's unfazed lives. So check that out as well parades and Tuesday. I. It's that town the VH. No there and they didn't go labs at the they have no fear and as a teacher had us. Said that it. Ask payments. And zaireans. Bullied kids that time. And that. Aimed at thirteen. AM then a young man. It's. A good. That is very true. And strip and down day he'll give me. There's you don't have days sleep. There's slack up hunt and they've seen. Oh yeah says head then the baby. Most. Last seen in a sense being. And bullying kids I am. That. Yeah. And it's between. Me and then on today. Kids hands. I'll grab a man. Good in that Tuesday's coup. They asked fans if they have met the man. Jump in name and improve. Gig data state who. Bloom. Gas today who. OK okay. Gain data today. You'll hate cats stay. Zulus. Larry Danielle. Playing well are those great skills also a navy blue skin he's in there yeah invent new Amazon. Kitty is can the 58 and and a better and this stimulus judging. And when do we see you next for real. Come through real let's see this weekend will be in some Mac kilo we have. I feel really cool things coming up though in the I guess. Future Mars. Where. Tiny beyond another to learn and received the support our troops nice and and before that happens we have a really cool gig out in Tennessee. And opening up for the banks at a festival turns and then. You know are gonna be in Tennessee egg and July 2 of coming in for a thank you so superstar in the making heading where we I details on. They look at FaceBook website yes yes please I'm amazed that assignments Alina blare music cash out my dad talked about this thing. Oh very nice and. Simply sickle 1900 and finding new year and you don't find out and mom in Tennessee against. The good thing I miss Augusta they keep your health.