Write-a-Tune Tuesday - June 20th, 2017

Tuesday, June 20th


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John attending the gratitude to day. Right. John and Sammy right. Additional in the West Coast the sign missed the melodious voice of Bruce's death from right we all do. On key with that problem when Johnson in the morning San Diego's number one for new country as though and our phone number is 619570. Number 1973. Time to start compiling some calls for righted tune in Tuesday what's on your mind what's going on what is going on in your world that you would like us to write a song about it. Right now as a marine they're going on your world and it is it's heavy but it will move on out we do have. I'm a very hot day on tap again look for a with highs in the midst excuse me in the mid seventy's at the coast in mid ninety's and 61957. Out number 1973. Let's go to Margarito while Margarito I'll love your game. So what's on your mind for ready to Tuesday what do you think we should write a song about. Many got into many good restart I'm at it and I we're dot I love my got an email history behind it not well coached in my feet. That's probably my the thing right now at the age. And I now like out there that he did the behind in the cart people got an app and actually mean not I totally respect and it we're. They camp that the war the second amazing animal protection into an. Now they're not service dogs I've had has gotten a huge argument with somebody about this and it was. It is summed up that I am grumpy and that I'm not from California so I don't understand it OK but. Iowa and I'd like I love dog you know dogs but I was at CBS recently and linesmen in my own business and this woman has an Adonis was a service dog Rosalia dog in her purse. Who starred yet an enemy in the coming at me on why am I why do I have to be subjected to this in line. Race what if they're not service start I don't think that they belong to the belong in the go in the grocery store anywhere your food is there is many people would disagree with you. Well why do it would go dogs human restaurants or food they're too. Kids I guess ill enough from here you know I. I happen at the Morgan Davis is back. So yes. Hey everybody doing this morning. Among look like I'm sorry we're clear fraternity house area and we baby here we didn't sleep then I guess I'm still has the last night. Well last night in conventional nicest life we can't wake up wearing I can tell your eyes look more red than the other except a ruling that you remove almost chipper. Ninety minutes good for you these pollutants it worded airplanes whose. I. I thought. Well here's the deal guys were to compile some some free some ideas for you to write a brand new song about hope you're up for that OK we did do that OK perfect necessarily scale well I aside there are veterans. On Tuesday I got this down the Wii's more your ideas 61957. Now. Number 1973. Wood Johnson in the morning again so much and Tammy and attitudes. Toward 957 though number 1973. Alpert in Escondido. I'm truce over that he bought spilling. The club soda on the floor trying to mix of your home. Norwalk. Making fun of John's attempt to make it drink for Brad Paisley Indy knocked. Was that the closer or was that the vodka I know is it was a bottle of diet tonic how can I don't think I was in the Rocca sorry I know I'm I'm. All that it sort of in the bucket ever been well. Cart yeah yeah I'd let him in criminal. Bryant literally I don't know thirteen second video that I submitted. Probably an example of what not to do when submitting your make it drink for Brad Paisley what we're doing is red and people who cares when dot com. And you can submitted video of making your favorite drink doesn't had to be a big deal I mean I still volatile on now's my video. Now I am not eligible to win but you have a chances and onstage during the show this Friday Brazill hold arsenal that he saw so last year's us into the deal. You can be onstage watching the show it's a pretty cool deal but yet don't spill. That this a waste of diet tonic is what it is those things go over IT nine cents a bottle of CBS Albert. Oh thank you for stalking me as usual little you would do without videos of me being a moron but. Not all I liked that idea Friday June Tuesday did isn't John being more on court. Interview the more relief band and as well did you might now with. I'm not a song about a my primary is downtown where what's on your mind right June doozy this morning. Flagged I'm not and I think you wanna read on about it I've never really bad and loved it got me really key. And if I really special to me. I'm also very congratulations Ali then known as guy. I did not need her. I'm anti well I've known him through here. I only asking different questions than when you know you're in love with this guy. Well he linking Ambien apparently tag attack and not mine he got a holding out mind. And populate my daughter and he kind of guy he guard. You at hello beautiful light crude and hell are you. Yeah. It's hard to get mad do you remember. Up congratulations Mary thank you are where I don't know I guess so all right let's go to Mission Hills and Rochelle in Rochelle what's on your mind for righted June Tuesday. Maureen canning I think we know what June San Diego and then milanese are taken over the freeways and taking over the lead. Oh I myself had this conversation. With my daughters about this yes you were leaving Coronado in the early. Eight or nine vans in a row all the Arizona license Larry. Yeah it's crazy you're like I'm. And rose. Where would you have them travel throughout the room. All I don't know maybe kids. I don't know but it can't read the I have not feel like they need to change. Yeah you're trying to tell him to stay in their own state I. Well and reiterate it. Canadian McCain gas it was kind of like that in Wisconsin went out the Chicago people come and take over our north what's in the lake. Many of you. It's all true yes we easiest so irritated without Rochelle irritated when we lived in Wisconsin so where can you move where you'll be irritated by. I think I didn't economic pride that tropical island. They'll get invaded to implement a similar growth model find another way to 117 degrees in Phoenix and why wouldn't you come here exactly of lord Elmo it's warm here to sound more relieved and is with us guys welcome back next year ethnic. Tell us for our breath what do we need to putting this on today John Tammy. And I have decided to Morgan Lee band that these phrases must be incorporated in this on the you're gonna right. Too many dogs into many grocery stores. Trail hello beautiful who the hell are you and I thought I'm I'm I'm talking Gabriel putting climb up I'm just saying I'm a songwriter. And and then. Get off the road okay. About that at bat OK Morgan laid. Boy is Paul royal get to working a one hour for a brand new song of these phrases must be apart of okay. It's called riots in Tuesday. Morgan we've been our veterans of this day and can't wait to hear. He gets of one hour to Crete to master pieces. Oh yeah he's not he's coming up he showed up and up and I got up John and candy ignited tune Tuesday. And can you brought it is okay John and Sammy right. Additional in the west competitive rides in Tuesday we are here with a Morgan Lee band and is also hello FaceBook alive debacle they have these were oh by the way and oh yeah. OK okay yeah. 1061957. No number 197 through John and Tim in the morning sandy was number one for new country can sign and it's hot today look for mid to upper seventy's at the coast mid to upper nineties inland all right if you're new to John jam in the morning we do this every Tuesday calls up with some ideas and thoughts and phrases that we come up with it presents to our. Local musicians of the week in this case the Morgan lead man these are your thoughts. Many got in too many good restart and it and I we're dot I love my dark but you know it's very behind it not well coached. In my feet past. He got a hold me out of mind and populate my daughter and he kind of guy he goes in the pro beautiful light crude tank hale RD. Oh yeah it crane you know like I cannot. All right so the Morgan leave bad and we wanna hear in this song and okay. No more dogs in grocery stores and to me was originally dogs into a grocery stores. Off get off the road into. Yeah hello beautiful up. Who the hell are you know I can't those lyrics that are the odds are the phrases that we had to have in the song the more relieved and had one hour to write a brand new somebody think this this one. Please don't Irina. We decided to make this a lot about marrying OK Mary on a lot of sombre as she did Mary's the woman who called and said that she was laws on happy she was to be loved. With her proved easy inference and fortunately made him from Arizona oh yeah. Right wing closet C Mary that's it was a lot of. Here's the Morgan leaving in the title for this there's Mary I. I'm married and love managing of rides into the woods and Tammy. Hello Vienna. I cannot use them. And downtown scene is it's just really gives you. Sixty fat and the best name. An indication road. And evil PV LA and he. But yeah. The main reason though don't care who goes in Ceylon song and that's that inheritance. May there. Well we did after there's on the hunt and standstill he's dumb old. Then he's and yeah those beautiful. Man dad and he's demanded. Leads. In and goes is still. Slap them then Dominic pain. And make it anyway and now. That's no so this guy. That's you dad they can. Oh there reason though don't kid who knows if she wants a son and that's about humility. Nannies and doubling the gap from an Arizona doesn't like does though he's not alone now. That goes. My emotional for him. Mary's. Don't care who loves game. Well. Importantly all you guys always bring an end. Why do you look back and of course the great engine work real well and the guitar harmonizing and go to new yeah. I think I'm. Don't know if I was a student. I know you're a season unfortunately another wanna say I'm happy birthday to my kids call locally rather pointless and right now all over last night Kenya late but it colon benign calm through their operating on summer break. He had a problem okay probably. You're right the data I'm gonna say that's not home now there don't via games right now is under an anomaly is thrilled by the way thanks for its view on the and so what you got is an Israeli fire appreciated much more than any idea where you guys got gigs everywhere replay and do so the next camera in San Diego is steamed when he ate at the same beats and then our Miette San Diego affair July 2 as well. Yes or getting on a residency of their moonshine beach now aren't even yeah. Lots even evil it's awesome they've they let us terrorism on music and we're able to you know. Play Austin says to our fans in San Diego I love it. A good. Way to Rihanna isn't. That may be may be in a dialogue talk it was one thing but added that we'll edit in the pros I'd thanks Morgan we've been that was great.