Write-a-Tune Tuesday - August 15th, 2017

Tuesday, August 15th


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John is attending the gratitude Tuesday. Right it's. John and Sammy right. Additional in the west comes. 957. No number 197 that's when scientifically proven solidly behind is showing Alaska style and you know that I a sign that Israel welcome John 10 in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country -- as only 619570. Number 1973. There's no rolls breads and Tuesday except his call and let's have a conversation what's on your mind today and that. Well we're. Very. I and I. I feel so differently about traffic after doing what I dealt with last week I actually missed the Sam on concert. Because I was stuck in four and a half hours of traffic and to go seventeen miles. I got caught up in that massive wreck on the fifteen pick up my kids are taken to CM hunt. Ended up having given over to drive Julian her friend to the concert and I. Sure I guess all the responsibilities with Tammy because I couldn't get out of that traffic jam of checking you couldn't get their way to do it males got there I I still feel very responsible bubbled in you're there's nothing you can't do that the most frustrating thing. You're sitting there useless our current. Screaming or crying or punching because you're not moving a literally went. Sixteen miles in four and a half hours I could drift happily to San Francisco by that. Oh sorry about that man. I did. I am on the only way it worked Alley out at. I got it into your. You. Know what happened. Sure drive that Microsoft asked. Well but some are going very slow actually causes big problems sound that's kind of I think I saw I saw a police officer friend of mine actually pull over. An older driver for going too slow in the life exploded makes a dangerous situation about you Charlotte on in my variety Tuesday. You know what all the wonderful conference that you guys they're giving out tickets to an that are going on in our fabulous city this summer are just amazing. Off thank you for that Shauna is the summer 101000 tickets after all what's been your favorite shows so far. App on the end of the week it went to Billy curry can and it would. Told grace. Oh great and so crowded there at least 151000. People have Billy Carrington you know a couple Saturdays and show I couldn't absolutely believe of the guys had twelve number one has every song was a hit weren't speaking at Ellsbury hit a Ford back. A shocking revelation of breaking news this morning. There for three years. Why why is that what's going on hey do we offend you somehow. I then sense I actually I. Adding if Rihanna and how low. You can and stuff like that weren't so and. Missiles ECB could use exude catchy tunes are OK we'll drive my daughter to college over the weekend and I need to do the things we don't give up rates and volumes of glory. And a new day bring it and I need alone bought sun here I. I was awesome thank you for the Santa for its own personal degree as a deep personal decree sorry it's kind darken your helmet decree. Right the bigger is ended June Saturday. That's why she's here this thing. 9570. Number 1973. Woods on your mind that we can write a song about a derided tune Tuesday lesser she's on nice but degrees in the eyes deodorant. I can't afford any get paid for and that no. 61957. On number 1973 more your phone calls coming up for Johnson in riots and Tuesday and the zone and John and Tammy gratitude Tuesday. And 570 number 197. Threes and your thoughts for rides and Tuesday this morning Barbara was going audio. That you re yeah. And a big part of. Thirtieth birthday for your son what do you think on the agenda for that. Ideally. Being flat in the debt you carry you. Again big big thing for him aren't any rapper big racquet a that. Odds are always fun always have a great time it's something that I discovered moving out here and I'm in love with it. All right well listen you how do I miss desert c.s and holly is in ocean beach one of Hollywood's on in my variety in Tuesday. Or you're taking your daughter at college. Com. I can't holly yeah I thought I go the week without bringing this up numbers are up there bristling over the. Let. Alone in its own life changing moment. I'm dreading us yeah actually dreading it. Are you bringing rookie I. I was thinking if I don't bring any. That will be train myself to you can't cry right you'll have you'll have the original real be valid. I think in the mind send them abroad I welcome myself to go ahead and start crying but. I you know I think I'm doing okay I'm crying more and just knowing how much money I'm spending. That's what's making me more sad yeah. In a weird dorm shopping and I. I didn't know that when she says this would dorm shopping Jimmy goes by a dorm room and I mean we're talking it's been all the supplies the cleaning supplies she was a fan she wants a microwaves you want them on that in a that I and then you know. Microwave ranking give you think 200 I'm just I don't know every touch your friends bust it up based boxer parents are. But that's what you meant holly you meant these sadness of seeing about a my daughter. They didn't fit what it's been great and chapter in her library excitement and are not out. You're losing your daughter and so. On the stock thank you. Right can you imagine my spoiled brat of a daughter wanting a fan to keep cool them monetary and which to eat live. He's on. Will be available at claims that she makes is he needs alone it didn't take Tim what's in my garage into the body. Let me get back then I'm going to put in their. Everything that god they're giving them defeat them don't want to play the big. While some of the book upon a definite right side of the bed this morning is a. You know what it was like the better your bag and I think can help me. Hi Tim peel call when ever you are needed here sometimes. I tell take care appreciate your call. We've got Hannah Ford with us and it's a bit and back again. And into the air has got a new record out we're doing things will differently now on the last time you were here and instead of giving you a specific theme like we did last time member if he wants incidentally was damaged it was listed as saints cash kicks. Here amber or Green Bay get odd green bacon and how do not pose as the rightful list. Song was called shamrock near my heart. Listen I imagine right now. It. Well this is not now we're gonna use them. Phrases that would like to put in the song but the rest is kind of came you've been shutting down furiously since you've been near you are doing and his doodling are you actually are running out the lyrics. Yes I'm glad I am not very Leary says that there aren't topics that I can turn amendment whatever you got here so but we want some of these tonight agreed that we'd like to have every day as a holiday every meals of feast in a hand somewhere which is wonderful and a wonderful sentiment. Those morons just don't know how to drive the speed limit. And that he'd like to have a desert party become Kent Lawrence OK so Austria does it very late in the Samsung scenario of pressured as a brand new song one hour. An expert in afford. I just I have a hilarious song I need to called traffic and I Gatorade on the freeway in LA sound Exel as a wholesome cool you're halfway there. Are I can't afford to go one hour to write a brand new song for us that it already is in the works for rides into to talk to a 740 you can thinking. Thank you John and candy ride attuned to it. Brad did. John and Sammy right. Additional in the wings come from San Diego's number one for new country KSO and welcome to FaceBook live from London. What's the karate chop and pork if you look at 3-D effect I'll housing job that's yeah. Okay and that are at the we do have a. Some call this morning partial clearing later on Salem highs in the seventies all right if you are new to write a tune Tuesday well thank you so much him. A we have so featured musicians here in C and you come in that one hour to write a brand new song based on some of your ideas which word this morning. Well we're. Very. On. It. Everyday I doubt they're giving them defeat them don't want to complete the big big flag in the debt you Larry you like. RT. Our featured musician of the week is and a forehand is wonderful to see you again I was shocked. When you said it's been three years since you've graced us with your I want. Any insulates you and let me Nat and I laughing at me with its. It's having sex with us on it and now I should come back whenever you want me OK perfect and I often that is and why it's agony how was last hour of your life for in the song. Just really is thank cram writing and yeah. Kind of like you're you're you're you're ready to go legal hired because cramming takes an Audi or is that this does fuel your creative juices. It sealed it and then and then I'm not easily at this yeah semi. Amateur and that idea. Find out what does that give a title for the song and a damn holiday that guy said that man that guy that it is a Holland. The wholesome Hannah for every day a holiday and rides into sewage on into damage regulating key. And you hear me and expect it. More good ol' dad again have. Vaughn the bat shattered then had only add their own Saturday in my hand you. Believe my last still goods those data around now the judge justice did in traffic good well it's. And then aide ZAM. And today Evan really does her scenes. It and then then it's very soon greens and still run the flow of today's noon they heat. Whether it's Fashion Week is not getting then it's on me Alice then I had info and gotten cops need. I'll let them go above plan up the hill giant lump in my solar solar natural Kathleen. Again today. And each day in the on the day he had been merely is a scenes. And then. Yeah. As soon grains but still run the twelve days give me the error has asked him around here in this draft saying. Tonight. It's my debt their prize he's sick as it. Pavel get zoom advance the nation and stand up as. Name did Kate's. And those days are. OK then I'm. I got my lawyer aids. You are glad. Have you done. You can have some fun which. What's got eighty fabulous new CD out called personal decree. And working to find this. Hannah Clark dot com perfectly idle hands and think that. Yeah and I am and working and scheduling a CD release carpet sell tech pilots say Harris. And afford dot com took you so much for joining us is they always in the lights. And he's no stranger. The film includes even listen nice thanks Carol let me back home very well and he and so he'd been sorting out I meet. You really nice I've. And now yes. And time just ran out of good.