World Balloon Convention: Phileas Flash

Friday, March 16th


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I never thought of a balloons as art but apparently I'm a 100% wrong as the world balloon convention. Is hitting town this weekend Tammy and what are you more frightened of the world's clone convention or the world's balloon convention. I think it depends on what I'm actually doing it either one of how could help. Joining us right now is Julius flash he is the convention's final night entertainer Billy has its wonderful to meet you. Well as more wonderful to me you actually a funny thing is that she doesn't respond mostly Clinton picked up. I. Recognized anymore I'll tell you and how can the boating industry and completely me including human kind and loving gentlemen. I'm sure you wire scare you it's the balloon itself that flips me out because you don't know when a pop is coming that's what scares me about them and I actually get sweaty palms you can see dirty turning red. Just the thought of having balloons near me. I'm. Not going to see. I wanna see my wife he's beast. Notably when assessment how are I was working as an anime today in the Dominican Republic cocaine and I'm I was making Angelina Jolie's face. And I'm balloon guy and out of buildings I would be very different. I thought I may have plays out buildings and my watch so this right you'll find. And so two individually space on the balloon. That's a thing yeah I guess you can't miss unknowable that's wagon funnel over the world actually is to make people's faces. I do what's the Walking Dead I do not I'm aware of the show so I MC contacted me two years ago intimate. Daryl Dixon and allow yeah. And make him out buildings are made him this morning as much by we've war because all around it. In fact I love I love making faces armed I'm obsessed and making people spicy okay. And Don I was looking for real also members to someone in San Diego to bring with me tonight so I just stayed. Okay wait a second rough while. I believe I giant bag with him right now he's reaching his bag. And only got you are artists look at that look at guys like Britain and America and the job pop up not a you aren't schooled he hit some had to hand the ball and they are again. You know why we're here John as the balloon yeah. I got the big nose right bill as well you say oh you mean the blue now yeah. Husband Tommy I was gonna make a few by understood that Tara so yeah up until. This is also a law. So how many balloons hesitate to make my bat based. You go review the flight so that's our guy I'm I don't know Dublin I never. Really count moorings and I'm unlike unlike Steve kind of organic and free flowing and I'm in my car and I'm looking and just trying to judge Joseph preached and happenings in some pretty counts and I'm concentrating more on what I'm doing okay an alliance might something mold god you're gonna maybe twist balloon oh my god I lost them stories yeah. I Acer clear Jimmy inflation for you weeks. This is for you okay when you friends. My favorite color island green. Philly is just a blew up the ignite what is with. Type of balloon that there's this is what we called Kashmir to 6260. Glued coated onto seventy but to sixty below tonight and India so what you do is you pins. These things and yeah it is not listen architects that you're as well as mine. With the bragging Tammy. And so you parents like this you know men home with baton twist. And we look at it. A look at Jimmy's face right now is that of of of Al thing fear. And the biggest fears a balloon pops and and programs use your fingers impress voters to get. You promised me an asset emea are really are okay under our look at me now. Up off. Your admin with the whole thing now my nails and OK when I go to San Diego. The president consoles in the preakness on making them into the green this sort you've got a partner so yeah. Okay. I made up my third sore and didn't opt. You've got a very husband and I do I mean a sword. And hey all right. Phillies pleasantly to welcome the San Diego I hope that they treat you well here if review and think Craig Huber by gift that at some bombs have suitable way thank you under all. You guys thank you having me definitely I'll.