Why Was a Monkey on a Plane?

Thursday, December 14th


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We are dying listened to our associate producer Jessica share with us something happened oral sheer boy for or awaiting their dinner to be delivered. We had our post its delivery came up to the door and on his shoulder was a lemur name Lola. It was the thing animal cruelty Obama Shannon was really eager. Services leamer a service leamer sort service was she providing the delivery men except for a good conversations tonight adorable message. I'm kinda service just. But it's a service. He also ran arrest and the lemur rescue he gave me that cart yeah so we are lemurs endangered I didn't that there was probably. Like people try to had taken into their homes and sometimes it takes you Manny can't hear from progress. OK so he's a good -- owner yet to get after king Julien made lemurs famous I had a guest. You're watching cartoons and I would want to finish humor that. How does a fantastic thing to see what happened leamer relieves himself on this guy what happens if your in you the dog right where does your daughter is like Lima is there and goes after the again. Sean my dogs shorts that's not gonna get. So you don't act how raucous though I mean you're you have to be held back she's kind of crazy and she's a little yeah sea level that would only reaches kneecap. And. No I. Her 6195701973. Mike has has heard your lemur story. And has a couple that he thinks can topics Mike. So I didn't have any met these people they didn't deliver anything. But I was on your had a friend who was on the floor. It and you lady brought on eighty service monkey ball and loves monkey. It stopped her the monkey was apparently afraid of flying so far service attack. Why wait wait wait between the woman had the service monkey to help with her anxiety to see them on a flight turns up the monkey doesn't like flying. So he has a service cats. Correct and to the point that even the pilot had to come back because. All the audits and Detroit you've got to see this. So bill. The monkey was the person for everything animal. Cute little monkey bit the month he was afraid of client it needed its own servicing animal which were for cat I do OK I can barely get my cat to coming cuddle with me how the heck is cat it's everything animal far. I don't know bitch he was sitting there telling the monkey. And Mandy he was petting the cat. Ways and I. And I. I wanna be on now why does this even work first of all I find it's selfish for this person. To bring a monkey on a plane for support if the market doesn't like the fly. Distributable what did obviously was OK as long as it had a cat what are your highest seat for the can't you buy isn't the monkey is more. I don't regret that so I've seen them. Okay and when that monkey sees the puppy Iran's right up to an consummate pats a minute holy loves him that's adorable it's fun it's great you're watching a YouTube movie. But if you're on the plane all the sudden you have to pay extra for your kids well. You know others. If you're ever Bryce to flag brought to Wisconsin right stents fell all the better if people among handicaps yeah. Beyond that flights pet monkey don't watch it does make them you walk the cat does the monkey in charge of. Amid the taxpayer for the monkey is not there for the person is that the monkeys problem if they can as an accident does that does that monkeys at the look it was certainly cannot. This is also usual powers is that we have ever had in my life. I don't know and then these ideas but he. Needed special and so they were in that group can get a better job like she got to bring you know need help bring him as new on the and messner installed yeah I don't know. Man your cats and causing a disturbance some like that's my service monkeys kept the Iowa. It series race at Arizona and the travel story and wanna see something adorable just search monkeys petting puppies are monkeys playing with cats it's adorable seriously there's a monkey that is taking care of little puppies. It's patting them and rubbing their penalty partner ears at hospitals and someone needs. This is. Mom they're for final hours watching multi button popping videos it's. My time.