Why is Tammy Yelling at Kids?

Wednesday, March 14th


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Morning news cut out of the woods servile. Hey Kyle what's going on the whisper Miller favorite bands Kyle has been one of our National Anthem contest few years back and opened up a PS of one country fest. With her awesome skills. I ignore or sudden you're in the future presentation on silent. I was it's lakeside farms elementary school for the teachers are heroes presentation. I was damn my daughter my daughter there and and scholes model but it I think younger. You. Can't teach your your presentation. That's a part of the script yeah I didn't mean beyond the kids it was so cute because Nistelrooy is the one who got the teachers are heroes award. And it way and on the representative from zoos a Pacific University was letting her class now that they were getting a pizza party. They were also Mel so I try to wake them up a little bit. Miss that your kids and you're really for me. From our friend that Paul Johnson. What's the matter with you why just it was quite I didn't think they realize what was going on. Oh and I'm recording her and I forget that my mouth is much closer that happy but it. Old quonset now Kyle your daughter was the one who was weaving super hard yeah I go hurts a did you yelling at me calling for help notice. It was so cute is when I introduced myself she's we did it she's booking their friends. Know her. Her there and the fact that you like and what that Iraq's Kurdistan doesn't. It was super cute that's how we feel the return becomes the work in the morning how staff. He she walks and we always Frankie how. To work with her. Anyway Kyle on the it was good to see you and did you tell your daughter that I said hi to her I'd be a serious or happy thank you so that talent was she is adorable absolutely adorable. All right guys officials checking in man's origin is gauger kid at that there are all Arab world.