Why is John in Trouble with Neighbor Gary?

Thursday, January 18th


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Have you procrastinated long enough. At January 18 22 is finally time to get Chris is secure creations. But I'm up under the lights outside the house of the peoples of all time to talk about inside. I involve my neighbor Gary. And didn't even while. Tell them I was involved all ethnic groups that's coming up. Another advance to a neighbor Gary Johnson in the morning a world for seven gave us on our big guys guess it would as he hit it. Another extension. Neighbors catch every. Today's adventure with a neighbor Gary. Pulls a philosophical question. Is a favor of favor if the person who's doing that they were for you isn't even aware of these and asked. Them. And that's a suspect up up up up up up up. Seoul both my daughters took their sweet time taking down Christmas decorations that I daddy how any of the tree out of the house them there right now like well. I will have neighbor Geary come over with his truck and you'll take it to the park and in Rancho Bernardo where one dumpster Christmas trees. I have one problem with that story Jimmy Key of the problem that's. I know the problem. Hearing when you led to the front I believe the problem it beer that I would never warmed up. Thinking. Is it too late to say I'm sorry I forgot to tell you that carry a. Friday or Saturday did attack hey John pretty come over and pick up my tree. Can you do that tomorrow I'm like wait a minute. He didn't. Give you our religion that bin Abdullah. I listen I'm errand boy errand boy I love it I have the the perfect plan formulated I mean you have a truck we've done this before I just forgot one small detail in the entire plan. And that was actually telling you the person that had the truck that had to do it. It took care I know you take me for granted John but I. Bill I still keep coming back for more for some reason. Here's another also architects I got from Gary it was a very good thanks a voluntary need to move your actual Christmas tree. Not a smiley face and then yeah. Course I IE. Acted to. Confused with several question marks back in the text knowing exactly was talking about rain the pretending I was being near a much like oh. I don't remember what you're talking about Gary well we re price here text messages area I sent them a bunch of work text messages over the weekend not a single replies out one unfolds. If you outage brought well I guess and you replied. I'm going to by appropriate it that you are relate this I have a career. And don't know that we were brand. You'll come on we're ran. I'm sorry thank you for doing them for my Fam I appreciate that. I know. I'm bit met the media I'd be getting it billion on your neck and you know. Totally true and obviously you you enjoy the abuse a lot yeah I keep more and more bullets because you're Gary in your my gear and I Caylee for another adventure with you my friend. Me today you this truly was an adventure with neighboring teary yes and nobody else to slam. Don't noted there aren't any what you were in my house hauling my heavy do edge three out of my house. Throwing in geared truck driving into the park taking the trucks rolling on the pile did you think why on earth am I doing this. I thought that many times about many things it'd be creative. But yet it cut my mind. Thank you for helping a friend in need you our friend indeed my what are neighbors can. Every. Yeah note to self tell gearing actually volunteer me do anything or anybody else that the matter up.