Whose Weekend Was It - September 11th, 2017

Monday, September 11th


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All right Kevin is in Oceanside to play the vacation. Usually wrong button yeah John. Kevin are now. And a great guys. Doing very well thank you for asking some. Jim the weekend. Yes I did. Actually up on the future in memories so we can so I can aren't any better yeah. Nice entering with the Marines. You train Marines while good for you thank you for doing that man the best of the best guy Kevin now that he's the best of the best chance right thank you for your service sunny. All right cavaliers the deal into something that happened at 21 of us over the weekend you're job is to simply guess who's weak and it was his staff. Tammy or meet John okay. And here we element one of us. Walked out on our dinner Jack at a restaurant. All right Kevin. A. And though. It was not John who's the deadbeat year who's the diamond dash it was actually me. That's always a total mistake a total mistake. I'm just going out in and because like in it to combine two pictures with people it was two all this other stuff. And I just laughed and I didn't think about it until I got a phone call. From one of our co workers is that you have the waitress just told me and stood there on the Akamai. Well but he might be thinking to yourself how does that happen but yet to understand first of all this is a very familiar place and is very familiar were not at this place she's kind of a legend there she is your home boost to our picture on the wall of fame which only pleasure of being switch to the wall machine with a wall deadbeats. So what do you do. But as well that's Kevin did. My great facility and tell you get biffle might call them I called them and I said I am I'm a complete you know like I can't believe I walked out of my check I'll come back down right now they're at notre how we got to take care of its all good. And I know seriously I wanna I want to come down and he's like no just comeback he'll be together which is this page and it's not poor woman they got it yet she is thirteen children and I. She is thirteen to one pounding beauty that. Because if you want to go it our accounting unit didn't successfully figured out but it doesn't matter anyway and as such over the family four pack of tickets to the Paoli rodeo happens Friday September 22 through the 23 in your tickets. For Saturday. And we thank you leave them and again thank you for your service ski train our heroes OK we appreciate you or. Did you see him now.