Whose Weekend Was It - October 20th, 2017

Friday, October 20th


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Julius weekend. Tomorrow I am going to be in the mesa for the jetBlue rescue angels further thirty annual carnival for canines. I will be a judging king in costume contest but there's a whole bunch of stuff going on there. Bring your for babies bring your kids use the wind itself is gonna be up there with China wouldn't allow prices to producers that Paul man and I'll let you know. Artie and weekend this week able to get to know that there birthday party and I think it's. A three year old birthday party at a pizza joints and a piece is a fair food right against the peace or beer all. The interview. I you know what I was just thinking as I was listen to beer and pizza that sounds fabulous as we get I've got zero plans right I don't think. Anything planned they know he does have a big business like we had so much pop pop pop up. Our numbers 619570. Number 1973. All right Ed you start things up beat that weekend now. Would now ocean beach koalas and we are having our Saturday. Yearly our annual. Pain uncomfortable bad industrial park. What time does it start running. It's started to around 10 o'clock and it goes through and go. Oh I'd just bring your pinch downwind you know into a little while ago around for a long time mob mob shall bailout. Thank you for sharing that let's go to Mike in Santee might beat that weekend. We're posting my grandfather's eightieth birthday at our house Andrea that a 115 of our quote certainly earned that. I talk with stand the light rig in music tomorrow. I'm alive rainy bands grabs dig on the ray did. He's got a these Lebanon Bob Marley these days. On race a big family re. Robert annual anti OC your place. We are while you're busy and have a fun time money thank you very much diverted your grandfather that's wonderful. Sherri is an El Cajon Cheri be that weekend. Oh I don't know this weekend and spent. About eight or by night he's. Got hurt or even a little input on eight. Good for you what do you serve. And here. I hate automation. And I'm Eric and I think she got a. Very nice and I hope they're all named after zombies in honor of the Walking Dead they Sherry let's go MJ in Alpine MJ beat that weekend. I'm going to Q harbor or turn my girlfriend long that they are gonna do aka Michael watched both special or then and then. We're gonna go I think it open and not there and then Sunday. You know I got church of course and then we'll go and our. Britain a girl and potent trying to catch luncheon and do little Halloween thing made it. Little Sunday fun day love it. Awesome and I think Glenn is gonna wrap it up she had a very packed weekend when Sarah doubted Tammy. And you had a soccer game 8830 in the morning after that my friend and I are gonna kick all ports without paddle boarding lounge act. And then. We have a per party. And then eight holing colonel. Well my head all day. All in one poll now I'm pretty sure stuff could pack a bunch of stuff and when you then as you can't win Gwen enjoy they get some rest on Sunday. Don't know there are I think easier file for your call have a wonderful safe weekend and no matter what you're doing remember start off your weekend tomorrow morning he was that the 6 morning with a c'mon man. And Jimmy's new country top thirty and Kia Selanne.