Whose Weekend Was It - November 6th, 2017

Monday, November 6th


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San Diego's number one for new country DSL and. And in the mornings at the. The songs. Fit in just pop. We are so well up up up has extended version. Coming because I didn't think I have complete with car phones in this news this I guess you ruin that surprising what's up Anthony help find a we're doing well thanks whereas it definitely a Monday Anthony is here to play John and Tammy no. No not. Oh my god what happens if any we need help and easier to play. The lord and client and. Why would get there eventually Anthony what was great about your weekend. I hate. Is. Last week in my daughter got to meet him and it might get togethers. Like barely together ourselves. Home wins. And what's his name. It. He loved it my we can suck next Anthony's yeah. The order of things have Capital One of us over the weekend your job is to guess who's weak and it was okay. All right one of us is dealing with a serious case of peeing guy at the house. That's our guy. You get pink. Oh yeah. Like here BO OK it's. You say you. Do I have the guy. Thank goodness knows the one thing I don't gamble I am losing my voice to pick about that to our audiences are all right is this shouldn't be too much of of a stretch here. Anthony it's meat producers the because some putts. Does it seem to have my four year old got pink eye on Saturday it's our first time dealing with that as a family have you had to deal with they get hit it with your kids dealing with this. They yeah honestly ever any kid goes to daycare and eventually get it and have seriously it's taking it does have kids and plastic bubbles and everybody gets. They get everything from daycare. Generally they actually saw how's he doing as era and not that great and I it's going into the other right so we're dealing with the drops are going to the doctor today. But you some kind of strange it's. Guess putting is right this morning that was recommended by the pediatrician and anyone do your job Allen for a special bonus prize of our. Something that my babies using them in the UB breast. Yeah well into the green and yeah I shouldn't that put Breslow in that I can help. I. Rivera. And years. You're better. Isn't it grad school was tied for being well it's not going to fully help I'm going to the doctor today about more tired and harm humans still run smoking is healing powers well you know it's definitely beauties of the birth but credit where Arab protect from a lot of things but I just had a terrible vision a break me there. I'll deny Bryant's old people. I. Like I. Can't endorse or honey where the family for that ticket of wealthy than at the del march there. I. And it meant that maybe you. Yeah you know how to fix me. Up.