Whose Weekend Was It - March 12th, 2018

Monday, March 12th


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San Diego's new country won all three. I. Brian it is 611 to Johnson in the morning. And I would have partly cloudy skies today the sun is back for at least a day or two before we get another storm and look for highs in the upper sixties. To loosen up the Ryan isn't Ramona to play. It's going on Ryan who was your weekend now. But I am legitimate I. I got juror had suspended double or otherwise had a good time. Very very nice we're gonna give you us and operational Capital One of us over the weekend your job is to pick either producer's death. Because happened to her Tammy if you win Dallas her or me if you think it happened to me okay. All right Ryan one of us accidentally got into the wrong lift ride and to make matters worse. They got into the front seat of that list. We think Ryan. Do you think that was me and my. And a dork enough finale of the wrongly if woods were held myself right in the front seat at a I don't know about a is that what happened. It was a whole we can write and even kept and that are. I was at Disneyland on Friday I'd taking advantage trying to take advantage of the and food wind chill a Disney California adventure. And the first thing I do is we we check into hotel. Nets now on campus OK they across from the five so or like will we could take a shuttle but let's walk. So you walk in I get there and of course but it takes him back in the car yeah so I hike. Back to the car ticket 1015 minute walk. By economic sweaty in my irritated at myself. I'm like you know what I'm taking a lift back so I hit lift says going to be here in two minutes and who shows me a minivan. And Gregorio my driver. Some Arab state and X two other people. What I was thinking. Does does lift features of the we shear ride yet people align okay line hmmm I figured we are going the same place. You know did you ends right across the five. Of us a minivan. Pulls up. You know what there's lots of minivans. I thought the kind of the two people who are in front of me they get in the back of oil OK I guess that was going to be tremendous jump in the front everyone looking in the lake. Murray O'Hair and I don't I don't know what the two people backward thinking it is this her friend again. I look at the guy my garage area is like not doing via a my old. I look at. Literally right behind me there is another minivan with a man in Gregorio. I say I am still in bearish at this point in my asserts stammering I got paid yeah I thought. If he had his get values talk general get out of the car race so the odds of that. A minivan showing up at the exact same time another mini van as. You both go lift it was just. A very weird because string of coincidences that made me look really really adore him public transportation Disneyland. And. It. I'm and it just for the record I'm not I get in the front seat with a lift driver guide that is an offensive lift drivers don't do that. I certainly do people do yeah I think. I put it in front. I loved the French you do not tell you restoring have a good about it. Hi. My you can have a good guy or chip. Are you failures here a talker of the lift driver kind of guy. Yeah and no doubt about it borrowed yen. You see I figured it went should channel that I you know I think lift drivers are the best because I am. They're always they always you ask a question and they wanna talk and then you have this great conversation. And then you're right you're like what however relief you know they're not so friendly is winds and clouds jump on the on site yeah. I'm a little bit. Right you know the show about. You exactly who's weak and it wasn't that nice prize for you for hanging out with us this morning yup we're gonna say about it. You that we're gonna center with a pair tickets go see Brad Paisley July oh yes yes yes. I by the way yeah you gotta before anybody else can even buy them cancel and loyal listeners that in a recent court on Thursday everyone else can start on Friday but you have them today. Congratulations Ryan. All right now. Now this is morning happy Monday.