Whose Weekend Was It? June 27th, 2016

Monday, June 27th

Who spent the entire weekend looking for yellow pool noodles? John, Tammy or Producer Steph? 


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Dirks Bentley is coming to town September 11 with Randy Houser encampments in the great show. Details and tickets it KS ON dot com or 611 the giants champion KS on and it's gonna start warming up for the rest of the week and a portion of it anyway look for upper seventy's at the coast and low nineties inland vivienne isn't lakeside she's here to play. Good morning Betty AM house Monday treat you so far. Money treating me pretty heavy rains start work. Yeah you have to with your job. My dog gone straight to your what do you do relentless flooding is going to pay a heavy woods job Betty and look I'm not. I've my hand eye again and her big break her living. Hayes run into your rail blow my parakeets condemning our editor of driver tried yeah that's still on my list did you MI should do before him. Gene pool that's right okay I am gonna take a mob monitoring. There aren't the same company I work or it. Right now in embedding into new attack now. They and that we're welcome Newsweek and was a gem good weekend. I did have a good weekend yeah highlights for us. I'm I went back with my husband yesterday usually an out of any luck. We got some but nothing illegal unfortunately yeah yeah we aren't. But still my stay on the water kept fresh beautiful illegal fish. Perfect all right Betty analog Newsweek and was that we're gonna say something happened one of us your job is is victory just a cameo or me okay. All right Betty and a lakeside one of us spent the entire weekend looking for EL low. Poodle ansari PLO pool noodles. You say the yellow pool noodles in that happened sooner. Yeah yeah. Just six different stores looking for yellow old cold noodle life my husband needed at forty bet that he was hosting and it was the old demon they wanna be yellow pool noodles used me. I think you're able to show. As but he was helping out this party and the point is I don't in the yellow pool noodles after going to six different stores all noting that gets loading up the kids get. My grocery cart get him out of Russia are they all you had every color by yellow yes you know you never few never Foleo won't know. Fun. I'm here right now and get the kids out of the car or six different stores while generally given up effort to yeah they don't exist on Obama over. I think producer Duncan getting younger kids I mean. Mired in John got some think it but I don't know that I figured it was very good. And Tim Jessica sell long Tom and his health. Hello look up afloat and Google once in awhile we could not the only one regular kid. Yeah that's true sorry we'll Betty and congratulations you've successfully played whose weekend was it and we're in the queue up during guess it was the summer of 101000 tickets and that's right a family four pack of bulls only rodeo at lakeside rodeo grounds July 15 and sixteenth. Yeah thank you so much let. But didn't want to go to that so that. Very clear they are going to be that have a great day thank you for choosing KS ON. I look nutty buddy Neal totals anywhere it's. And why waste your husband mind you will pull the I wanna. That's a yes and it was forty and he would help put him out okay thank you.