Whose Weekend Was It - June 18th, 2018

Monday, June 18th


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Steve isn't bills are the pay off. Good morning dog happy Father's Day belated happy to you as well was a great. Beautiful day it was special for me as it was also my birthday. On happy birthday in the third first and talk to add a father's birthday how weird. Well where would. It's really cool but it does it might get a little cheated yeah you know I had to. Hey honey anyway as a holiday birthday. Can very much agree with you on that release relate to you on that. A local news we get it was a Steve very simple this morning only seasonal Monday into some Capital One of us over the weekend your me. Tammy or producer Jack see you ready. Armor all right Steve one of us on the witness affair had a brush. With the law. It's sort of where we can lose that little escapades Steve. On the ground and Tammy. To have me allowing you repeat your bad news sister. I thought this might eggs are easy I what they do have been done Larry try again. Our rights though the five during track during fair season do I explain to anybody especially on Friday all my way on. Every Yahoo! in the history of the world that must have just gotten their license after being asleep for eighty years was behind the wheel on Friday. It was a horrible mess everyone who pretty anywhere can relate. So I hit that 56 exchange right Steve and there's a little bit of time where if you're not going on the five you can jump over that side and you know. Whole little bit if you flight to make up for some lost traffic time I don't know why should get back on the final wait some more about that you know. The reasoning behind him that we don't need to go and that anyway I get off the 56 as are the two to six exchange after it hit it. And areas doing his job of making sure that we are doing what I'm doing. And I use very kind to instruct me as to how I should maybe avoid getting pulled over in the future. He's got and I'll I'll it was advice to me it was don't speed. I'm. And don't try to get around the traffic by going on the exchange what I was there as I don't know that was my age may I help you. Do your job more simply demeanor. Or there was a nuclear survey video was or my nice clean carpet this man will do his job in giving my my violation that I deserved it was so nice to. He was the nicest guy eloquent at thinking. For costing me money. But it was it was you costume you're right idealism and possibility I was testing failing to pass him a nice job Steve he couldn't guess who's weekend it was. And except just go Joseph when it comes and anything with cops aren't cut out. But we are get a good prizes replace this morning yes we are re at the end up with the family four pack of tickets for the July 13 performance of the bulls only rodeo at the lakeside rodeo grounds. All got some very much USC as a bonus stop at the summer 101000 tickets for yield. Well let's get their information on that in all of our events at KS ON dot com.