Whose Weekend Was It - July 23rd, 2018

Monday, July 23rd


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The number one for new country 1037 KSO and Johnson in the morning Brandeis is in lakeside to play. Still reluctant to bring and I don't I'm wonderful Jim good weekend. Tell us one thing it great. That happened you over the weekend. I'm actually on scene and. Our online lives. Today and did they make you feel welcome with the fairly clearly said it was great so they must have. Yeah. Beautiful all right well aware of this and Capital One of us over the weekend. Your job is to pick it could happen to meet John to Jimmy or to producer Jess eight plus months pregnant. Let's do this why all of us Rihanna in lakeside. Unsuccessfully. Attempted to crash a wedding reception on Saturday night. Your among the three of us Rihanna. Yeah. Not. What does it I'd pop up why that's so obvious. Hi I would think that's totally something that just wouldn't. You see Sarah. Are. Your right sorry but we wanna know why it was unsuccessful on what happens on sergeant give it away I was in Chicago over the weekend for my aunt annie's funeral and we got done a very heavy did on Saturday. It is like you know what the system. Let's is on the fund them so we got that the hotels cut away. And there was a wedding reception raging in the reception on our hotel conference with my sister and Oscar winner we were and we are dressed up. And it was late so yeah either leave with a tie loosened up he'd he'd fit in either you should we can't do that come correctly and know everyone's drunk girl dancing nose and no rain the schools you've got some cake or an open bar. You know dancing assassin but we've been crying all day let's let the fun we walk in the air. Everybody in the room. Is African Americans my sister and me somewhere in god that is awesome. And I've thought for blending in right I mean listen I love to stay I but the food was off the hook yet but and I'm pretty sure they would know that something in this media did not mean I was on the other hand so yeah I it was it was. I'm unsuccessful attempt to graduated in my sister Gina my urging the judge she State Department and loved it yeah but you know. We were invited to and we were invited him and they are paying for everything and we Orton Vineland I had an ad that. And that's it doesn't matter what color you are you have vita gets like you're all invited and historically Aubrayo weld done you do know the show and hook you up with soap and sweet for that. Yeah we're gonna give you fifty dollars to spend at the GT and discount stores where you save up to 70% more blather. Below other retailers and don't forget their newest GTM in Chula Vista an eagle on line you receive a special 20% off coupon for subscribing. You're welcome really enjoy that.