Whose Weekend Was It - July 16th, 2018

Monday, July 16th


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Maybe it is in that lake side to play here. Super simple today David. Everyone needs we'll simplicity and a Monday morning into a bell. Figured I'd go great hellish weekend. All right or Saturday in in my life are Yuma. On Sunday. Are a bit of a drive yesterday though some. Answers there. All right give the order of this of Capital One of us over the weekend your job is to pick me suggests or Tammy right any questions. Aren't we look up. One of us got all rock star on Saturday and Hattie wardrobe change at country fast. Maybe that was David. Yeah goes. Eagle rock star with Mobley Carrie Underwood are multiple wardrobe changes no. Did you ask and that movement. Was I the diva and had a wardrobe change. Well here's the deal David it was me actually that should have been an exclamation point on the question was either a deep fly exclamation points that I am anxious. David here's the deal. I don't know if you know it but it was hot on Saturday and and and country fast at that beautiful Del Mar kinda marine layer until the show started in the skies opened up there. Nothing but beautiful San Diego suntech hot man and we are working it was difficult. Did you maintain a sweat free shirt so. I I didn't I brought out a new shirt. And I figure laws and I'd also change in the next pair pants and shoes wouldn't it. It was me I had a wardrobe Kagan questions the public at. Our current Garnet and it has sorry I started yelling at you get a little freaked out but anyway I got so much grief David my coworkers because nobody else thought I guess to. Bring an action change of clothes I. Because it's we get dirty and we get sort of everybody else but. I'd I'd like we take a lot of pictures of people that lots of hugs going around and end. I don't wanna be all sweaty Stevie over your wanna be nice smelling that. Editor and you should David we can't help him on strike but we do have a air ticket for you David bossi merry and more as she's going to be at the match his arm in a theater on August 17. Our.