Whose Weekend Was It - February 5th, 2018

Monday, February 5th


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Davidson's Angie to play our. David I understand you're on you're the chef yesterday what you coach for Super Bowl Sunday. Thought well I remember Rick and whoever. Some a clear through and brought works all. Also the potato. You don't let yourself. Our. You know as a way to might hurt a bratwurst town hall my goodness I want sons Jimmy. You brought we're just if they drop on the ground next. Closest currently president ever rationale could ago. All right David is a pivotal one of us over the weekend your job is Z whose meat. This is death or Tammy okay. David what started off Super Bowl weekend with a hot date. To cost though. Crew. And on the greens are like it's not. War. A month ago where. At any time Olympic. To reduce that her. A goal we have brought Jeremy. Was it Tammy. One person that that that didn't get to give you big step for me you got that right because we had double date we have a date with each other and. I'm opera idea not. And it I'll. Course. I write it. Wow what I look like let's go leveraged ago and I hate to get some stuff to cook for suitable. Not preserve was kind enough to let me tag along random act you know so nice she needed to go up. She is wet because I need a couple of things I was very squeamish. So we kind of dissent dish for the hot ever did. We don't it. The Costco we were we went through we stopped by the we stop the mangled Solso Sandinista. The wings and little reporter really could that you can we need to work on it chicken skin movements I only know what does mental we have now not judgment was right. I'll I'll it was not done enough. That's weird we actually we will gain with the cash you've been diluted. I always do that and it was it was a delightful content which you put Silva to Barbara asked for the content on my don't. Rescinded being polite when Clinton and you will ease. That's good job itself. Which was again sometime simply or whatever and whenever you needing to get hot dog. Liar or what's the catch here in the airplane high low game I went to well are too high and then they can do is that you went to well I would I would I was when one. Telecast she won because he said you forgot about that's very good missed. And that kind of revert to. Yeah in the league and it was today but we're not going to walk out it was not a man Kamal. We are not is a matter of fact we're gonna such over the great Valentine's Day prize package here including where you don't have to cut fifty dollar suspended taboos sushi and Del Mar. In fifty dollars for Kevin Jewelers. And just a reminder that Kevin Jewish you can get a pre owned Rolex as low as 99. Dollars and a family owned since 1970. Fives that we got to go back they covered did it well done all right. Straight to you very much.